Our Customers

Our customers span every facet of the food service industry, from independent restaurants and chains to retail, hotels, caterers, e-commerce and more. We work to understand the unique challenges of each customer and provide powerful solutions.


To meet the unique requirements of global airlines such as Cathay Pacific, we draw on culinary innovation, state-of-the-art food technologies, and our in-house culinary experts, including nutritionists and expert butchers. As well as providing a competitive product range, we work closely with airlines on specialized menu development. As a result, we ensure all food served is consistent for quality, taste, and presentation - whether it’s on the ground or 30,000ft in the air.


We are proud to supply food and beverage to every major international airport in Vietnam. We empower our institutional clients - such as airports, schools and hospitals  - with our competitive product range, our logistics and by our understanding of global food trends.


Leading hotel groups in Vietnam, including Accor Group, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton and Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts all work with us. Our food-service solutions for hotels include an extensive list of products from around the world including grocery, meat and seafood, frozen food, ready-to-eat and ambient meals. We are constantly enhancing our offerings with new and innovative options such as plant-based proteins, eco-friendly food packaging and menu enhancement services.


We provide a holistic service to hotels, with services that include sourcing ingredients and appliances, food production, portioning and packaging, and distribution capabilities, as well as a growing network of central kitchens. Food safety is never compromised, thanks to state-of-the-art production, packaging, and delivery systems.


To meet the growing demand for affordable and tasty food options, we tap on people-led technology. Our services include sourcing ingredients and serving equipment, menu development, food production, portioning and packaging, and distribution capabilities, as well as a network of central kitchens.


Our service is highly flexible, to empower supermarkets to manage the complexity of operating multiple formats and several fulfillment options in parallel. Even our packaging is designed to assist with space restrictions, without slashing assortments.


Indoguna Lordly works with some of the biggest leisure companies in Hong Kong and Macau. We understand the need for constant innovation in the leisure market, and work to delight customers with seasonal foods, unique festive offerings, food solutions, tempting in-room options, and services tailored to different restaurants - ranging from five-star establishments to Quick-Service eateries and snack bars.

What Our Customers Say

“Indoguna Vina are one of the most important food suppliers for Hyatt, they will always have our trust due to the quality of their products and services”

Minh Tri Vu
Material Officer, Hyatt Saigon

“We are always honored to be one of your partners”

Dupuis Marc
General Manager, IBIS Saigon Airport

“Very good products and super quick delivery service, I will continue to go with Maxzi.vn in the future”

Dang Minh 
Customer, Maxzi.vn 

Our Clients

The Power of Partnership

With our virtually unlimited production capability, international food certifications, state-of-the-art food technology, digital integrated logistics network, and in-house culinary experts, Indoguna Lordly provides everything you need to take your business to the next level.

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