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Fine Foods & Delicatessen

Our House Brands

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Carne Meats Wagyu
One of the few brands in the world to offer an extensive delicatessen range made from Wagyu beef. All products in this range are designed by our in-house master butchers.

Brands We Represent

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Kaluga Queen
Kaluga Queen caviar is served by Lufthansa airlines and 21 of the 26 Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. An international leader in caviar due to its excellent quality and sustainable aquaculture methods, Kaluga Queen raises sturgeon in icy lakes in northeastern Zhejiang. Popular offerings include pearly grey Beluga Caviar and golden Oscietra Russian Sturgeon Caviar.
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Spain’s Pescaviar company is famous for anchovy and herring fish roe in shelf stable tins and jars. They include creamy wild herring roe, Innovative Anchoviar wild anchovy pearls, and Smoked Wild North Sea Herring Roe, with a smooth texture and deep flavor. 

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