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With more than 150 years of history, Campbell’s is well known for soups and stocks. As well as creamy Western-style soups, Campbell’s has a wide range of Asian and Japanese-style soups to suit Asian tastes and mealtimes. The range of Swanson’s broths and essences is simmered from fresh chicken, beef, or pork and include bone broth, fat-free, and lower-salt options. Stocks and soups are available in efficient packaging formats, including bags, cans, tubs, and plastic cups to suit different meals and kitchen operations.
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Deb El Food
Global leaders in dried and frozen egg products to the commercial food industry, Deb El offers Chilled Egg White, Chilled Whole Egg with Citric Acid and Frozen Egg White High Whip, blended for bakers and chefs. Products are pasteurized to ensure food safety.
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A wide range of functional UHT powdered egg, frozen egg, and liquid egg products for bakeries, ice-cream makers, and restaurants.
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Pace Farm
Fresh pasteurized whole eggs, fresh and frozen egg white, egg mixes, and dried egg products for food manufacturing, all supplied from Australia.

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Value-added egg products for busy kitchens, including liquid whole eggs, egg whites, yolks, and scrambled egg mixes, plus scratch-quality pre-cooked egg dishes such as omelets and French Toast.
A family-owned food company based in Spain, Badia are famous for culinary spices, seasoning blends, marinades and sauces. As well as organic and gluten-free, the company offers non-GMO and preservative-free options. Badia’s manufacturing facility is certified under Safe Quality Foods (SQF). This internationally recognized system ensures safe food management and traceability.
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Peruvian cuisine is varied and diverse, bursting with vibrant colors and flavors. The wide range of spices and grocery ingredients from Inca’s Food are a reflection of Peru’s three main geographical zones – Coast, Andean Highlands and Jungle.
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Inca’s Food
Marine Gold Marketing specializes in Hybrid F1 super sweet corn farming and the production of quick-frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables and fruit processing. With over 20 years’ experience in sweet corn, only the freshest and best seeds are used to produce  Hybrid F1 sweetcorn crops that grow all year round in Malaysia, free of chemicals.
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Trusted for all-natural cooking stocks and finishing sauces including veal, meat, vegetable and chicken.  Halal certified stocks and sauces are available. All sauces and stocks come in shelf stable and frozen packaging.
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Prestige Foods
For over 100 years Santagata has been exporting fine olive oils from Italy. Oils range from intensely flavored cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils to lighter blended olive oils, to suit dishes that need a more delicate flavor.
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Sun Noodle makes it easy to prepare fresh, delicious ramen in minutes, with  frozen homemade-style noodles and MSG-free soup bases in authentic flavors, such as Miso.
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Sun Noodle

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